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Parental Settlement: Binyamin Regional Council

Established: 2002

Distance from Green Line: 7.7 km

Outside of Separation Barrier

The outpost contains 56 caravans and 2 permanent structures.

Recently Peace Now has approached the Civil Administration challenging the legality of the construction of a fence surrounding the outpost. The reply received (19.10.05) stated that since the entire outpost is illegal they agree that the fence is also illegal. In  addition they noted that they have issued to the builders of the outpost orders to end the construction and in some case demolition orders.
To see the Civil Administration's response in full (Hebrew) click here.

Statement about the outpost in the Sasson Report which was published in March 2005:
Date established: May 2001.
The closest settlement:  Kochav Ya’akov, at a distance of approx. 2.5 km as the crow flies.
Government or Minister of Defense approval for its establishment: None.
Nature of land rights: Private Palestinian land (agricultural lands of ‘Ein Yabrud and Burka).
Body which allocated the land: None.
Planning status:  None. 
Jurisdiction: None.  Beyond the jurisdiction of the Mate Binyamin Regional Council; beyond the boundaries of the settlement. 
No. of inhabitants:  42 families; approx. 150 persons.
Type of construction:  51 caravans;  a caravan used for pre-school; 8 containers; land prepared for permanent structures and additional caravans; a synagogue in a permanent structure; a prefabricated structure; communications poles; illumination; a paved access road and another access road, a security room (shelter); a water tower, a road; trees planted .
Body financing the establishment:  The Ministry of Housing and Construction financed the establishment of infrastructures in the amount of 3,525,000 NIS, and 800,000 NIS for the construction of public structures.
Connection to electricity grid: Connection to the electricity grid was approved by the communications and the electricity company for connecting to a cellular antenna.  Afterwards, an additional connection to the electricity grid was carried out, making it possible to connect electricity to the houses.  According to the electricity company, they were misled by the Civil Administration.
Connection to water system: The site was temporarily connected to the water system to enable work on the site.  According to Mekorot, the Binyamin Regional Council ordered the connection.
NOTE: There have been requests to register adjacent land that lies beyond the boundaries of the outpost.  The requests have only been submitted, not dealt with.

Comparison of aerial photos - May 2001 (left) and May 2007 (right)